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Many things these days point to the looming importance of local food security. Soon we may no longer be able to take food for granted because of economic breakdown, environmental destruction and climate change.

The two most important keys to food security are local production and crop diversity. In these challenging times, we need to work together to keep the earth our Garden.

Sanctuaries champion the idea that seeds should stay in the public domain. There are millions of ardent gardeners and farmers across Canada. From growing food, it is a small step to making educated choices about the best seeds to keep alive. Who better to shape agriculture than some of the farmers and gardeners who devote themselves to the land?

Seed Sanctuaries are changing the culture of food in Canada by promoting grass roots preservation of our seed heritage. We can work together so that growing food is less about making money and more about making health. A sustainable agriculture works with nature’s fertility and abundance. We can honour the carrying capacity of both city and country spaces by embracing safe and sustainable ways of feeding ourselves.

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